Field Service Evolution Focused on Customer Satisfaction

In this first video in the video series based on the State of Service 2019 report, we’ll discuss how field service organizations are transforming and providing excellent customer service by leveraging improved management tools that have strong mobile capabilities and keep the entire workforce connected. We’ll also look at some of the challenges that organizations face when it comes to having a customer-centric approach to field service and the barriers that may be slowing their progress. And we’ll analyze how modern field service management solutions provide a clear path to Best-in-Class service that enables them to understand customers, build relationships, and add value.

John Callen
9 months agoJuly 10, 2019
Very interesting.  Faced with dealing with the margin dance, larger companies do not have the appetite to invest in leading edge tools. That, ironically, could help to improve margin.  "Next year" is the common cry.  Sort of like being a Cleveland Browns fan...
Richard Wilkie
9 months agoJuly 10, 2019
Well done video, however, it did not tell us anything we already didn't know.  While this may be a first in a series, it could be improved by focusing on actions companies can take now to address FSM and Customer Satisfaction.  FSM is a journey, meaning it doesn't happen overnight and it's not just buying a vendor product.  It's a combination of Vision, Commitment, Products/Technology, Training, and most importantly, Organizational Change.  All these things are necessary to truly empower the field representatives as our front line to customers.
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